And I Love Her – Lexie Roth

Lexie Roth – Vocal
Roger McEvoy Greenawalt – Mele Tenor Ukulele, Fender Chatterbox Bass, Loop.

Produced by Roger McEvoy Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio, Brooklyn, May 23, 2013

LEXIE ROTH is the daughter of famed guitarist Arlen Roth and his late wife, incredibly talented visual artist, Deborah Bussichio. Her grandfather Al Roth (Pen-name Al Ross) was the oldest living New Yorker Cartoonist who just passed at the age of 100. Coming from such a musical and artistic background, it was only natural to follow suit. She has been playing music since she was about 8 years old, and has become quite an accomplished guitarist, even though she started out on bass guitar and piano. She played in several bands in her developing years on both bass and guitar, and was always the featured vocalist.

Her debut album “One Long Blink” was released when she was 18 years of age and gained some attention as far as Japan. Since then, she has appeared on two of her father’s albums, Toolin’ Around Woodstock featuring Levon Helm on drums and his previous album Landscape. Her new self titled album consists of 11 original tracks written and performed by Lexie Roth on lead and backup vocals and guitar, Sam Mason on drums (Willy Mason/The Acrylics), Nina Violet on bass and some backup vocals (Nina Violet/Band of Arrows/Kahoots), Matthew Cullen as engineer and on accompanying guitars and noise.

Her song “Call You My Hon” off her new album was featured in the independent film “Maria My Love” produced and directed by Jasmine McGlade Chazelle in which stars Karen Black. Lexie sings “Vaya Con Dios” on the brand new release of the Les Paul Tribute Album “Thank You Les” along side of Keith Richards, Jose Feliciano, Steve Miller, Slash, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Eddie Brigati Jr. (The Young Rascals) and many other greats who played with Les Paul through the years. She lives between Brooklyn, NY and her real home-base Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

She is going on a US tour with Brooklyn based Sons of An Illustrious Father in June. Dates to follow.

Fri. 5/31 — NYC – Free Candy w/ the Harmonica Lewinskies, Napoleon

Sat. 6/1 — Philadelphia, PA – Hong Kong Garden w/ Jackie Paper

Sun. 6/2 — Baltimore, MD – Club K w/ Wet Brain, Dead Whale Ramblers, Weed

Mon. 6/3 — Harrisonburg, VA – The Artful Dodger

Tues. 6/4 — Charlottesville, VA – Magnolia House

Wed. 6/5 — Black Mountain, NC – El Rancho Morbido

Thurs. 6/6 — Nashville, TN – Hymen House w/ Justin Clark, Ziona Riley

Fri. 6/7 — Memphis, TN – Lamplighter Lounge

Sat. 6/8 — Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves

Sun. 6/9 —Amarillo, TX – The 806

Mon. 6/10 — Albuquerque, NM – The Vassar Bastards Present
w/ BaBa

Wed. 6/12 — Los Angeles, CA – Pink House

Thurs. 6/13 — San Francisco, CA – Corpus Callosum’s warehouse

Sat. 6/15 — Sacramento, CA – Bows and Arrows

Sun. 6/16 — Portland, OR – Gathering of the Goofpunx

Mon. 6/17 — Olympia, WA – The Guest House

Tues. 6/18 — Caldwell, ID – The Bird Stop

Thurs. 6/20 — Fort Collins, CO – GNU: experience gallery

Fri. 6/21 — Omaha, NE – Barley Street Tavern w/ Landing on the Moon

Sat. 6/22 — Minneapolis, MN – TBA

Tues. 6/25 — Ann Arbor, MI – 3rd Death Star w/ Chit Chat

Thurs. 6/27 — Harrisburg, PA – The MakeSpace

Fri. 6/28 — NYC – Cameo Gallery w/ Fête


If I Fell – Sydney Wayser

Vocals – Sydney Wayser
Mele Tenor Ukulele – Roger McEvoy Greenawalt
Produced by Roger McEvoy Greenawalt

Recorded on an iPad3 using the Auria Digital Audio app at Cloudspace, Venice, California, April 2013

If I Fell is one of the saddest and prettiest songs ever. Harmonically, it has a deceptive and sneaky first impression, like a lover with a dark past…

Sydney Wayser is a French-American, New York-based singer songwriter who plays guitar, piano and children’s toys.
Growing up in Los Angeles with summers spent in Paris, she draws on a wide range of influences and inspirations, from
Edith Piaf, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jacques Brel, to John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, and Sigur Ros.

Her third album, Bell Choir Coast, has been two years in the making; struggling
to express herself creatively in the midst of a miserable New York winter, Wayser
decided that if she couldn’t go elsewhere, she’d bring other lands to
her. “Bell Choir Coast is about a fictional land that I made up, because I couldn’t leave New
York and I had to make my record. So I made up a new world in my head that
was everything I wanted.” The result is the gorgeous and varied Bell Choir Coast.
More than an record, it is an atlas, a map past difficult years and emotional terrain, to a place of self understanding and agency.

Sydney Wayser set about to make an album, and in the end she cleared a path to a world, and in the process she found her tribe and her sound.


Girl – Buddy Judge

Buddy judge – Vocals and Ukulele
Roger Greenawalt – Kanile’a Concert Ukulele

Produced by Roger Greenawalt and Buddy Judge in Brooklyn and LA

I met Buddy around 1980, he and Ron Baldwin fronted The Buddy System in Boston. Think Squueze. My band The Dark must have played with them a dozen times. Great guys super talented…Here is his bio, pretty humble! (Buddy was Aimee Mann’s right hand man for years).

“Buddy Judge has been writing and playing songs since he was 12. He has been in various bands and has worked with various artists in various capacities. He is currently playing the ukulele and working at Apple.”


Ask Me Why – Jason Trachtenberg

Jason Trachtenberg – Vocals
Roger McEvoy Greenawalt – Mele Tenor Ukulele, Kala U-Bass, Drums.

Produced by Roger McEvoy Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio, March 15, 2013.

Jason Trachtenburg of The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players has an amazing new band, The Pendulum Swings. We are looking for professional booking representation before the release of our new record. (Mixed, mastered, and coming out on X5 Music Group Records.) The Pendulum Swings performs all original songs.

The Pendulum Swings is the first big-band project from Jason Trachtenburg, and features a seasoned 8-piece horn section. The act has been described as, “…A warped Sinatra…” by Time Out New York. Their show is a stylistic homage to big-band era Duke Ellington and Count Basie. The musical performance is brash, yet mysterious; humorous yet somehow serious. The overt comedic element cannot cannot downplayed enough. Legendary in-between song banter, rip-roaring one-liners, and an unforgettable “Q and A” session with the audience are commonplace at a Pendulum Swings show!

Founded in 2010, the Pendulum Swing have performed full-on big band orchestra shows all over NYC, with previous weekly residencies at People’s Improv (P.I.T.), Under St. Marks Theartre, and every Saturday night at D.B.A. in Williamsburg.


Two Of Us – Avi Wisnia and Shawn Fogel

Vocals and Egg – Avi Wisnia
Vocals, Bass Drum, and Bass – Shawn Fogel
Mele Tenor Ukulele – Roger Greenawalt

Produced by Roger Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio, Brooklyn, February 18, 2013

This is a heart breaking track. Knowing as we now do that The Beatles were doomed; that when they recorded Two Of Us in 1969 they were soon to break up forever; makes this sad little beauty of a duet all the more poignant. Though it sounds simple, Two Of Us is a hard song to sing. Luckily Avi and Shawn are great singers!

Award-winning singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia presents an eclectic mix of original songs and inventive covers that find inspiration in Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic American folk, 1950’s west-coast jazz, and contemporary pop. describes the artist as “Ben Folds meets Norah Jones, if they had a lovechild in Brazil.” He has toured extensively with his new album, Something New, performing at prestigious venues such as The Kennedy Center in DC and alongside such artists as The Roots and Arturo Sandoval.

Shawn Fogel is the lead singer and main songwriter for Golden Bloom, who’s new EP, No Day Like Today, was released this year. SPIN called Golden Bloom “a sunny slice of americana-tinged rock’n'roll” and Shawn isn’t one to argue. Shawn and Avi have known each other for 15 years, which you can probably hear when they sing together.

Golden Bloom on tour:
3/6 – Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT
3/8 – The National Underground – Nashville, TN
3/9-16 – SXSW – Austin, TX
3/29 – Tonic Room – Chicago, IL
3/30 – Blackhawk Room – Moline, IL
4/1 – Off Broadway – St Louis, MO
4/2 – Bear’s Place – Bloomington, IN
4/3 – Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN
4/4 – Garfield Artworks – Pittsburgh, PA


Things We Said Today – Todd Carter

Todd Carter (AKA The Looking) is a NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer. Both his music and voice blend pop, classical and folk influences. His diverse taste in music is evident both in his personal body of work and in the artists on his label, Astraea Records. (
Todd’s artistry varies from Americana to Trip Hop, from New Wave to Electro-Acoustic. From Carmel, Indiana, his music stems from a lifelong experiment in music ranging from punk to opera. In previous years, Todd has worked with autistic individuals in Paris, studied philosophy and theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School, and has helped bring meditation practices to incarcerated youth.
February 25, 2013 the new album “Songs for a Traveler” by The Looking will be performed at a live listening party:

The album paints a dreamy landscape of American music from the Plains of the 19th century (“Sail Around”) to songs from the 1950’s (“Long Black Veil”). Todd will be performing with Dan Rieser, John Andrews, Gerald Menke, Chris Morrissey, Adam Kromelow and Bill Finizio. Listen to a preview of “Songs for a Traveler” and “1969-1984″, another record to be released soon, produced by Roger Greenawalt:

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