Dear Prudence – Leah Siegel

Dear Prudence – Leah Siegel

Recorded on August 16, 2010, original version recorded on August 28-30, 1968.

Leah Siegel: Vocals
Roger Greenawalt: Ukulele, Bass, Guitar
Tyler Beckwith: Drums

Produced by Roger Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio in Brooklyn, NY

About the Song

The New Improved Roger Version Of Dear Prudence features The Great Leah Siegel. Leah is a genius. She is the best singer I have ever heard, and ever worked with. Her talent is so vast, that it is hard for her to live here on earth with normal people like us and their paltry concerns and abilities. I hope to help the world understand what an important artist is now here among us, and how it is our sacred duty to celebrate her.


  1. ginaniko #

    amazing! Heard her on WNYC one morning a few months ago and never forgot. It’s been haunting me ever since.

  2. bradatslice #

    If I recall correctly Dear Prudence is a song about Mia Farrow’s sister penned while in India with the Maharishi Yogi. Mia’s sister Prudence was so enthralled by him she wouldn’t come out and do anything else so John wrote to her…

  3. Christiana #

    This is a great cover! Good job everyone!!

  4. James Altucher #


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